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Kurds will wage total war against Turkey: Military aggression of Turkey against the Syrian Kurds .

Kurds will wage total war against Turkey:

Military aggression of Turkey against the Syrian Kurds .

Expert assessment of Academy of Geopolitics.

  We at the beginning of our estimates about a geopolitical situation in Syria, at the beginning of this year in articles: "Myths about the Kurdish autonomy in the north of Syria or why the American soldiers in Manbidzhe" died of 21-01-2019, gave the detailed analysis about military situations in the north of Syria (See - http://www.nt.am/ru/news/263976/).

  And before, experts of our Academy in articles: - "After Genocide of Armenians of 1915, Turkey started Genocide of Kurds" - http://russmir.info/pol/8186-posle-genocida-armyan-1915-goda-turciya-pristupila-k-genocidu-kurdov.html , we noted that Frantsuzsko - the Turkish plan about creation of ROZhAVA in the north of Syria, failed.

Some of our experts say that it was the geopolitical bargaining (trade) between Turkey and Russia: Turkey gives to Russians the occupied Syrian city of Idlib, in exchange the Russian military platoon leaves the city of Afrin to Turks.

. But Turkey is not enough of it - Erdogan wants to have the "safety zone" controlled by the Turkish army and controlled fighters to 30 kilometers from border where a number of the key Kurdish cities, first of all Kobani and Tal-Abyad will enter.

The USA will not stir the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria.

. As a rule such preparations coordinate to the fact that if the Turkish operation begins, then it can cause the next "race behind the territory", in details about it you look in numerous interviews of the president of Academy of Geopolitics here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNyDL4RiDEdNVS1_TYcRQKg/videos.

Arayik Sargsyan, the academician, the Ex-Honorary Consul of Macedonia in Armenia, the President of Academy of Geopolitics.




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