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    Надо немедленно наводить порядок с мигрантами. Вот в Калининграде при новом губернаторе уменьшили количество мигранто...ПРЕЗИДЕНТ ФЕДЕРАЦ...
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    Хоть и давно это было, но по-моему, сначала нашли литий в Афганистане, а потом уже снесли эти башни-близнецы, чтобы з...Тайна 9/11 спустя...
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    Давно пора.США нашли новый с...

Interview with President of the Academy of Geopolitics Araik Sargsyan

Interview with President of the Academy of Geopolitics Araik Sargsyan: Ankara intends to include Idlib in Turkey to stop the air strikes of the Russian Air Force on jihadists and Turkish troops. After the clash in Syria, Turkey and Russia are trying to move away from the edge of the abyss. The Russian Air Force / Syrian Air Force inflicts massive strikes on positions and objects of illegal armed groups (IWF) in the east of Idlib, Syria. The situation in Idlib continues to deteriorate rapidly. On the morning of February 28, Turkey officially recognized that as a result of Syrian air strikes, 33 soldiers were killed and 36 wounded. However, a number of Turkish sources claim that the death toll is close to 85, and the wounded exceeds a hundred

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